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Our life changed forever on April 2nd 2014. Our beautiful 3rd daughter was born. We called her Lily. We were to find out very quickly that Lily had been born with Edwards Syndrome. Edwards Syndrome is a life limiting condition. It is not hereditary. This is her story.

The beginning:

I thankfully don't usually suffer too bad with morning sickness in my pregnancies. I had nausea from week 6 to week 10. I had a small bleed at 12 weeks but thankfully all was ok. My only worry with the pregnancy was getting to the hospital in time when in labour! I had a very fast labour with my 2nd which resulted in having an unplanned homebirth.
Lily was breech from week 28. I tried everything to turn her but she was happy listening to my heart. I choose to have her turned manually on Monday March 31st at 37 weeks. It was pain-free, not uncomfortable at all. I told my friends it was like having a massage! That night I had what I presumed were Braxton Hicks. They went away during the day on Tuesday but returned in the early hours of Wednesday morning the 2nd of April. Again they were not painful but I thought we should head to hospital to get checked out because of what happened with my 2nd daughter. Unfortunately my waters broke as we were leaving the house. It was a very hairy car ride to Mayo General but we made it with less than 15 minutes to spare. Lily Bea Kerins was born at 6.45am weighing 4lbs 10oz's.

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