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We thank you all for your continued support. Without our families and friends, we would not be getting through it. I am told everyone experiences grief differently. I certainly feel like I'm losing my mind at times. I feel like I should be more upset but then I remind myself that I was grieving for Lily from the day she was born. I am angry that our beautiful daughter had this syndrome but then I remind myself that 'Our Lily' would not have been Lily without it. I am either in the denial or acceptance stage now and I know I will have hard days and easier days. I will learn to live with what has happened but never except it. I can only hope that she continues to gives me the strength I need to move on. I am so happy that she chose us and believed we could cope with this. I am grateful that her sisters have concrete memories of her and that our 2nd daughter became 'a big sister'. Finally, I feel blessed to believe that Lily is with me every day, that she is being well looked after in Heaven and that I will never be alone again. I feel her everyday lying on my chest in her favourite position. Believing in this is all I have left of her.

Lily will always be counted, never forgotten and eternally loved. Fly high little one x

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