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No words can explain how we feel now. I know that we packed in as many memories as we possibly could. I know Lily enjoyed herself and I know no other little lady was and is loved so much. I have no regrets about what we did over the last few months. But I do not get much comfort out of this yet. I want her here. I want to watch her grow up, go to school, have a life.

She has left a lasting impression. She has made our families closer and has been an inspiration to us and to people who have never met us. I believe she knew she was coming for a short time and choose us to spend that time with us. For that I will be eternally grateful.

I wish Lily could have been born healthy but that was not her story. I long for her to be here with us but that was not her story. Her story was to make maximum impact in minimum time. We showered her in love and she returned that love by staying with us for 53 glorious and precious days. As our wonderful priest said 'she knew nothing but love'.

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